DJ Mannerisms to Stay Away From


When people think of a radio DJ a few things come to mind: Loud, booming voices. Wild personalities and fast talking. None of these are truly what a radio DJ should be unless that’s their personality. Today’s radio DJ is someone that the audience wants to be friends with, a relatable voice who connects with the listener one-to-one.


Here are some things to avoid as a radio DJ:

  • Avoid making your voice deeper, booming or “Announcer like”
  • “WHATS UP EVERYBODY” – this is bad because you want to seem like you are having a conversation with the listener
  • Avoid talking about too much in a single on-air break
  • “Coming up next” while said song is now playing – this is very common, but it’s not coming up next it’s “now playing”
  • Avoid being wacky and using weird voices for the sake of doing it

If you want to learn more about being a good on-air dj check out this. For general information about advancement, salaries etc. check this out. If you don’t know where to start click here.

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Being a DJ

College radio encompasses so many cool things about being an on-air radio DJ. The most fun part, in my opinion, is being able to relate and connect to the community. As an influencer, you decide what is important for the listener to know. This can be anything from neat events in the community to breaking news. As a DJ, you are in control of what information is distributed, it’s an important job! I love reading about the weather, community events and talking about the music that I play. Over everything, the music is still what drives a radio station. This blog’s purpose is to educate on what I do as a DJ and what my friends at the station do to maintain and improve our station. If you have any questions about radio or what it’s like working at a college station feel free to get in contact with me! Like/Share to help my audience grow.IMG_20170912_113535