What does a promotion department do at a radio station. In short, they are in charge of getting the station’s image to the public, promoting the station (doing events, sponsorships, ticket giveaways, etc) and are often in charge of the social media for the station though some have a whole department specifically for that.

Think about all that your favorite radio station does in order to promote itself, all of those things are planned and prepared with specific intentions. They may be trying to reach a certain demographic, bring listeners to their Facebook page or promoting an event that is planned by the promotions team.

Promoting the station is all about repetition and consistency, which is why it is important to have one voice for the station. This does not mean having one person speak for the station but rather having consistent themes, social media posts and recorded liners that can be related to one specific station.

Promotions is one of the most job-heavy positions in the radio industry and it can easily branch you into other areas such as sports and upwards into management.

IMG_20171105_180908_807Promotions are in charge of events and these are some that my station has done over the years.

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