All About Sales

The thing about radio is that the product or service provided is untangable, advertising through the airwaves. The sales team at any radio station is in charge of selling advertisements to a list of clients. A good sales team establishes and maintains a relationship between the radio station and the client.

The money is in sales because no one wants to do the job. You are constantly on call, you have to deal with hardheaded business owners and the return rate is depressingly low. It takes a very certain type of person to call 100 businesses and only get a return call from 10-15 of them. In sales, the return rate on cold calls to actual advertising is around 10%.

The recorded advertising liners you hear on daily radio are bought in groups and the rate depends on the time of day, popularity of show and the radio station itself. For example, drive time (prime time for radio) is 7-8am and then again from 5-6pm. These time slots can cost double if not triple than a lesser populated time.

In the next post I will talk about exactly what makes a radio sale and my approach to sales. Be sure to like, share and follow my Twitter for all the latest posts and news!IMG_20171105_190150

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