The importance of a local radio station

Before I have spoken on how people like to listen to their local radio station and connect with their favorite DJs. As Spotify, Apple Music and others continue to grow, there is a growing number of people who believe this to be the end of radio as we know it. Just like how TV was the end of radio as we know it. And then TiVo was the end of TV as we know it and so on so forth.

The local radio station provides a necessary service to the community that it serves. Here is a fun list:

  • When an emergency happens, the radio station is who provides the breaking news (see shooters, tornadoes and fires)
  • Live event sponsorships
  • Marketing local businesses
  • Entertainment (of course)

I got some of this from Zimmercommunications, who I happen to have met the owner of.


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Promotions PT2 (ft. Social Media)

Social media is by far the most effective way to promote a radio station, both in terms of reach and cost. Social media itself is a free platform to promote anything you want, the only cost is what it takes to produce the content.

Social media is the first place that an interested listener or client will look to get a feel for your station and if your social media is terrible, chances are so is their impression of you.

Here are some tips for a good social media presence:

  • Create a plan for each social media account
  • Post consistantly
  • Post more images
  • Don’t hesitate in using promotional features (paid)
  • Watch your competitors
  • Utilize hashtags

For more tips click here, here or here.




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What does a promotion department do at a radio station. In short, they are in charge of getting the station’s image to the public, promoting the station (doing events, sponsorships, ticket giveaways, etc) and are often in charge of the social media for the station though some have a whole department specifically for that.

Think about all that your favorite radio station does in order to promote itself, all of those things are planned and prepared with specific intentions. They may be trying to reach a certain demographic, bring listeners to their Facebook page or promoting an event that is planned by the promotions team.

Promoting the station is all about repetition and consistency, which is why it is important to have one voice for the station. This does not mean having one person speak for the station but rather having consistent themes, social media posts and recorded liners that can be related to one specific station.

Promotions is one of the most job-heavy positions in the radio industry and it can easily branch you into other areas such as sports and upwards into management.

IMG_20171105_180908_807Promotions are in charge of events and these are some that my station has done over the years.

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Sales Pt2

Sales is not about the amount of advertisements that you sell but rather establishing a relationship with a client. Sure, you can use tons of sales techniques and rhetoric in order to oversell advertisements and make that sweet sweet commission, but that makes you trash. Instead you should go into the situation with the mindset that you are about to make a new friend that you will be continually in contact with. After you establish this relationship is when the money will follow because they will be confident and comfortable working with you.


It does not take much to establish this relationship with the client, but here are a few tips that I use:

  • Be casual and positive
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Ask about the client’s needs
  • Dress business casual
  • Come prepared with ideas for the client
  • You are helping their business grow, not selling advertisements

All About Sales

The thing about radio is that the product or service provided is untangable, advertising through the airwaves. The sales team at any radio station is in charge of selling advertisements to a list of clients. A good sales team establishes and maintains a relationship between the radio station and the client.

The money is in sales because no one wants to do the job. You are constantly on call, you have to deal with hardheaded business owners and the return rate is depressingly low. It takes a very certain type of person to call 100 businesses and only get a return call from 10-15 of them. In sales, the return rate on cold calls to actual advertising is around 10%.

The recorded advertising liners you hear on daily radio are bought in groups and the rate depends on the time of day, popularity of show and the radio station itself. For example, drive time (prime time for radio) is 7-8am and then again from 5-6pm. These time slots can cost double if not triple than a lesser populated time.

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