What does a Program Director do?

The Program Director, or PD is in charge of selecting the music that a radio station plays. Their job is one of the most influential in the entire management team. It is so important because the music that is played if reflective of the radio station itself. Building a repertoire of good songs that accurately reflect is called Imaging. Imaging is not only done by the music chosen, but also liners, themes and sound effects used.

The Program Director has to maintain relationships with local musicians by promoting their events and adding their songs on air. They also have to deal with record labels and promotional representatives to give honest feedback about the music that is sent.


The PD at a major station shifts through hundreds of songs a week and they usually have a staff of people whose job is sorting through music choosing the songs that best fit the radio’s image. At a smaller station such as an on-campus station usually does not have a full team of Programming people so it really all does fall onto the PD to decide how the station is interpreted by the listeners.

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