Creating a Relationship With Listeners

When television came out many were sure that it was the death of radio. When the internet emerged and started to include multimedia, radio was considered by some to be a dying breed. When streaming services such as Spotify, Youtube Red and Apple Music came around, no one could possibly still be listening to terrestrial radio, right?

The reason that local radio is still alive and thriving is not because of the song selections, limited advertisements and exclusive promotions that the streaming services have to offer. It is because audience members like listening to local talent. They enjoy the fact that the DJ is a member of their very own community and they can relate and build a relationship with the jockey.

The local DJ is an important member of the community because they provide a lot of different information to the majority of the public in any given area. They provide weather, traffic, news and event information to the masses in a friendly way that is easily received.

I spoke about this in an earlier post, but in order to create a relationship with the listener, you have to talk to them like you would any actual friend you have. Speaking in a broadcast manner does not build relationships, while a normal conversational tone speaks volumes. IMG_20171015_185754.jpg

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