How To Enhance Vocals Using Production Software

As always I am using Adobe Audition.

Okay, you have your recorded vocals but it doesn’t quite sound how you want it to, or maybe you want it to sound bigger and better. I’m going to show you what I do to enhance all of my vocal tracks and I learned these from some production people on Youtube and at radio stations I’ve been at.


So here I am with my raw audio file


First thing I do is find any parts of the clip that are too high or too low and I raise or lower the DB accordingly to match the rest of the clip


I highlight the entire thing and click Multiband Compressor


There is even a broadcast preset under this effect but I wouldn’t just click it every time because not all voices will work with it


After that I take out all the breaths in the clip by highlighting it and going to 0DB


After that I take out the silences at the beginning, during the breaths and the end of the clip


The clip will be really loud so you should use another effect called Normalize (process)


It usually is automatically set to a good point but 60% is solid

And then you’re done and export it to a .wav or other format that isn’t too lossy. If you do not know what lossy means, read this!

If there was a single Youtube channel I would recommend it would be: – Mike Russell, Voice Actor

This guy has tons of videos that range from very specific sounds to concepts to hour long tutorials on entire promos.

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