Intro to Production

Production is anything from the recorded liners to advertising spots. Liners are the short audio clips that get played in between songs and talking that say things like events, what radio station you are listening to, to promotions. Advertising spots are recorded commercials, in the non profit world they are called underwriting.

All you need to produce these things are:

Once you have all these pieces of equipment set up, you can start recording!

When I record things for my station, I always start with opening Audition. It looks like this:


This is a blank starting canvas in Audition


I first record the vocal track using my mic and equipment


Then I put a music bed behind it


Add some sound effects, fades and effects and the recorded liner is good to go!

This is just a very basic liner, but trust me when I say it can get really complex. Let me know if you have any production questions and don’t forget to like, share and follow my Twitter!

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