What makes radio entertaining?

Something that is heard frequently in the radio world is “I thought radio was dying” and “Who listens to the radio anymore?”. They did a study in the 70s about media consumption among Americans over 11 and the results were that 93% listened to the radio weekly. This number is the exact same today, in 2017 93% of Americans listen to the radio weekly. If you are a huge nerd and want to see a more in depth breakdown of radio listening stats, here is the Radio Advertising Bureau Fact Sheet.

What draws people to the radio? Is it a lack of Spotify and Aux cord connections or is it something a little more? From what I have gathered, people like listening to their local DJs. They enjoy the conversation that is had on air and they like a friendly voice to connect with their favorite station. As an on-air DJ you have to realize this, people are coming to you as a friend and they want to be talked to like a friend.

I have a late-night hip hop show (The Night Show) with my friend DJ Stunner. In this show we realize that we are friends of the people and only talk about what they want to hear about. A good DJ knows their audience and how to speak to them as such. During this show we talk about what is going on in the hip hop world as well as talking about things that interest a hip hop listener. Any one can go on a mic and read out some written lines but it takes a talented DJ to really connect with the audience.

Let me know if you have any area of radio that you would like to find about more about and smash that follow button on Twitter.

You can listen online at tmn.truman.edu

Picture: Me and DJ Stunner at The Night ShowIMG_20170907_231334

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